The Anonymous Advantages of Online Counseling

Posted on April 17, 2012 · Posted in General News

With the internet revolutionising the way we interact with friends, family and business associates, it was only a matter of time before it changed the way we interact with the experienced practitioners who can help with health issues. In a move driven by technology, health services such as life coaching and NLP are now available through the world wide web.

Previously, counselling services were only available on a face-to-face basis, meaning those who suffered from social anxiety disorders or confidence issues would often be left feeling that a one-on-one session in a secondary location such as a doctor’s surgery was simply too much to handle. Sufferers of agoraphobia, depression and panic attacks can find it physically hard or even impossible to leave the house, making it difficult to attend enough sessions to achieve treatment aims. A large number of patients may also wrongly perceive that their issues are too extraordinary to discuss face to face; be this sexual iance, a strange phobia or symptoms related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. For those who feel embarrassed about talking face to face, the anonymity offered through live chats or email correspondence is a salve to these worries and can mean treatment that may have been avoided in a ‘live’ situation is actually undertaken.

New website operates in a very similar way to a traditional therapy session, except all communication is done through video call, email, telephone or live chat. From the comfort of the client’s own home, the online counseling sessions endeavour to help each person understand the origins of their fear or disorder, and help the sufferer to comprehend why they feel the way they do. The sessions then move on to the resolution, where the client and the practitioner discuss what can be done to change their situation. Licensed professionals are available to listen and remain unbiased, coaching clients through tasks and assignments and, most importantly, helping them to achieve their goal and conquer the disorder, phobia or anxiety which has caused them to seek help.

This new service is a lifeline for those in difficult circumstances, offering them the opportunity to overcome issues in an environment considered familiar and safe. Clients who have successfully improved their lives as a direct result of online counseling have come from as far afield as Canada, Australia and the United States. This geographical diversity illustrates further how this service can be utilised by anyone with a working internet connection.

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This page was written by Mr T. Roberts of Online Counseling Fast. .