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E-therapy (also referred to as e-counseling or online counseling), along with phone therapy, is an economical and convenient way for counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists to offer support to those in need.

With the web making such an impact on peoples lives, it is completely within the reach of a professional therapist to offer virtual e-therapy services as a credible option to their patients.

Whether a client has just a few questions, is looking for group sessions or is in need of ongoing, long term help; virtual counseling is set to revolutionize the way services are provided. According to university studies, as well as research conducted by St. Vincent’s Hospital, online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face treatment.

Patients with social phobias, depression, and anxiety have all responded extremely well to internet based treatment.

E-counseling allows you to receive help from the privacy of your own home and many individuals feel more comfortable coming forward in the non-threatening, online atmosphere.

E-therapy has all the advantages of traditional counseling but with added benefits, such as not having to spend time traveling to meet a counselor and not paying for travel costs. You can get live help anywhere in the world, often instantly.

Online Counseling offers a range of e-counseling techniques. Our one-on-one sessions can help you overcome depression, reduce anxiety, beat phobias, gain confidence, repair your marriage and much, much more. View our counseling services for the full list.

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